Class I Division 1 enclosure

Class I Division 1 enclosure

Class I division 1 enclosure is designed for hazardous environment which be installed  in  Class I / II / III, Division 1 / 2 environment . can have IR or not in the Class I div 1 enclosure.

Installation instruction for those enclosure(Class I division 1)

  1. Open the housing.
  2. Fix the camera in the installation board, adjust the camera position and make sure there is 1-2mm space between the cctv lens and housing front glass.
  3. Connect the cable inside accordingly and put the cable through the G3/4 outlet, lock the outlet in original order we provided.
  4. Put the installation board inside the housing, double check to make sure the CCTV lens didn’t prop the housing glass, and if the CCTV lens in the middle of the housing glass. Power the camera, make sure the whole system works.
  5. Install the O-ring or double check the O-ring.
  6. Spread some High temperature ester around the O-ring. This is to prevent the O-ring from aging problem. like following picture shows.
  7. Pls don’t forget to put some dryer inside the enclosure to prevent moisture inside.


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