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offshore security system

offshore security system has been widely used in such as Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, mining etc. mostly those offshore projects is trong corrosive environment which normal camera will get corroded. we provide especially made SS316L camera which can work pretty well in those application. and we have full range including fixed type, […]

Marine security camera

Marine security camera have to resist the strong corrosive environment. normal Aluminum and SS304 stainless steel camera is not suitable for this environment. we provide full range marine security camera for your choice such as fixed lens, zoom lens fixed type camera, PTZ, speed dome camera, thermal camera etc. here is some for ur reference.

Marine ship surveillance system

Marine ship surveillance system face the challenge such as saltwater corrosion, high humidity, extreme temperatures, and exposure to UV radiation can degrade camera lenses, housing, and electrical components. It is crucial to select CCTV equipment specifically designed for marine applications to ensure long-term functionality. KAIXUAN explosion proof camera is designed to suit this condition. We […]

ATEX, NEC 500, NEC 505

ATEX, NEC 500, and NEC 505 are a group of standards created to ensure safety in hazardous environments. These regulations apply to various industries from oil and gas, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and more. In this article, we will delve into the different aspects of these standards. NEC 500 use division system. while ATEX, NEC 505 […]

How to Choose an Explosion-Proof Camera Supplier in China

Choosing a reliable supplier of explosion-proof cameras in China is essential for businesses that operate in hazardous environments. With so many suppliers available, it can be challenging to identify the best option that will meet your needs and budget. In this article, we will explore important factors to consider when choosing an explosion-proof camera supplier […]

Explosion Proof Camera Buying Guide in China

this article will Exploring the Explosion Proof Camera Buying Guide in China. As a country with a rapidly growing economy and an increasing demand for hazardous environment security, China has taken measures to improve safety standards in its industrial sector. Over time, the market for explosion-proof cameras has witnessed meteoric growth in China. However, with […]

ATEX Approved Cameras

ATEX approved cameras are an excellent solution for hazardous environments. If you work in a hazardous environment, you know how important it is to prioritize safety. Any equipment you use must be designed and manufactured to withstand the conditions of your workplace. This is especially true for cameras, which are often used for monitoring and […]

Explosion Proof Camera Manufacturer

The use of explosion-proof cameras has become increasingly important in hazardous environments. These environments include oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, and other manufacturing plants where flammable or explosive gases and dust are present. Explosion-proof cameras have been designed to withstand these harsh environments and provide a safe monitoring solution that meets the unique demands […]